Stephen Patterson - Mayor Holdfast Bay

Stephen Patterson

Dear Holdfast Bay,

I live in Glenelg South with my family - wife Tammy and our four children and was first elected to Council in 2010 and am currently Deputy Mayor. I have spent time on council preparing for this challenging role in order to lead and represent the community as mayor.

My appointment to council, together with being an Electronics Engineer, owner of a software engineering company, Glenelg Surf Lifesaving Club patrol captain and my experience in professional sport has given me an invaluable skillset.

Over my time on council, my discussions with residents, business and attendance at community events I have identified key community priorities that I am committed to focus on.

As mayor, my priorities will be to:

LeadershipBuild a united and effective team to benefit the broad community
CommunityInvest in assets to promote a healthy, quality community lifestyle, including in supporting sporting clubs, community centres, libraries and a continuous coast park.
EconomyProvide local business confidence and make our precincts attractive destinations, forging a prosperous local economy.
EnvironmentWork tirelessly to protect our natural environment and waterproof our reserves.
CommunityStop social isolation amongst our elderly by providing targeted health and transport programs.
CommunityEnsure residents and visitors to the region safely enjoy our facilities by investing in improved lighting and CCTV.
EconomySlow the yearly growth of rates by supporting robust income producing community assets such as the Brighton Caravan Park.

I have the essential Council experience combined with proven and positive leadership experience to lead Holdfast Bay Council into an exciting new era of united decision making, prosperity and vision.