Stephen Patterson for a Robust, Local Economy

Cotto Espresso Ribbon OpeningLocal business is vital to the vibrancy of the Holdfast Bay community. Both business and significantly now residents are increasingly concerned about the viability of businesses in Holdfast Bay. One of the major appeals of living in Holdfast Bay, for residents, is to be within walking distance of attractive precincts. People want to shop local.

The key areas which help build a vibrant economy and that I will support as mayor are:

  • Increase Visitations to Holdfast Bay
  • Make our precincts attractive destinations
  • Reduce "Red Tape" to encourage business investment
  • Provide value for money to all ratepayers

Tourism and related industries is a key local jobs provider in Morphett, accounting for 33.8% of the local Holdfast Bay economy. While Mayor, the number of visitations has grown from 896,000 to 1,035,000 and the expenditure has grown to $215 million through targeted programs. At the same time this has been balanced with the expectations of the local residents and in 2015 Holdfast Bay won the prestigious South Australian Tourism Award for Local Government.

I will continue to support using the terrific beachside location Holdfast Bay has to offer to bring events to the area. I have supported the "Rescue 2012" World Surf Lifesaving championships which had an economic benefit into Holdfast Bay of $14.5 million. The recent Winter Wonderland ice skating event, held in Moseley Square is a creative example of bringing visitors into Holdfast Bay in the non-seasonal winter months. The SANTOS Tour Down Under is a terrific example of an event that will bring many visitors to the area. My involvement in sport has given me access to many of the top sporting administrators in Australia which can only be an advantage when securing top quality events to our area.

Additionally, I will grow existing industry partnerships promoting Holdfast Bay in tourism campaigns overseas and domestically. I will hold regular business forumâ™s, inviting both State and Federal MPâ™s to bring all 3 tiers of government together as understandably building business requires a collaborative effort.

The award winning social media campaign to increase tourist awareness to Jetty Road is a very cost effective form of advertising that has brought many visitors into the local area. The "2 Sides - Glenelg" advertising campaign has been hugely successful in promoting the area. To view please visit 2 Sides - Glenelg.

Local BusinessThe local business community is made up of many hard working small business owners. I own a software design company that specialises in providing membership based solutions to major national sporting organisations and also local clubs. I understand first hand the daily struggles involved in competing against multi-national companies and general market forces.

To provide common infrastructure to help drive the economy I will support making our local precincts attractive destinations with appealing street scapes. Local residents and visitors alike enjoy visiting quality locations.

Rundle Mall and Marion are investing heavily into their precincts - we need to do the same.

Because both strips are made up of numerous shops with disparate owners I will seek to work with landlords to ensure they are encouraged invest in the upkeep of their shops. This includes working to transform Brighton Road Hove from a tired strip in desperate need of renewal to a vibrant small business hub.

I understand business doesn't want hand outs, it just needs government to provide common infrastructure and reduce "Red Tape" to free up the two most valuable commodities a small business owner has - time & money.

I will also work tirelessley to provide value for money to all ratepayers of the city. This has been one of my key focus areas since being elected in 2010. I am acutely aware that providing a budget that runs at a surplus is vital to the long term sustainability of our city.

Using community consultation we need to set up a strong strategic plan that is aligned with community expectations this can feed into the business plan for the city and ultimately the budget.

We have spent the last 4 years creating an accurate long term asset management plan so that capital intensive assets can be replaced or upgraded in a systemised plan. This will mean that we maintain quality assets for the benefit of the community but also provide predictable rates.

I will work to slow the yearly growth of rates by supporting robust income producing community assets, such as the redeveloped Brighton Caravan Park.

Council already has an audit committee that oversees the councils budget and risk profile to ensure good financial governance. An opportunity exists to also create a business plan & budget committee that takes a more active role in the review and framing of each budget. Elected Members need to take a more active role in the creation of the budget.

My software business provides sotware solutions to international businesses that concentrate on replacing inefficient processes with systemised, automated processes. I will seek to continue to seek out IT soluctions to provide cost efficiencies. One such example is the current process to take bookings across all of council's facilities is disconnected.

We have already invested in income producing properties such as Partridge House for weddings and these need to be supported by modern electronic booking systems, which will only increase bookings further.