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Stephen Patterson for a Sustainable Environment

Clean Up Australia DayThe City of Holdfast Bay needs to provide leadership to our community to assist in the protection and enhancement of our environment.

In my years on council I have been active in progressing Holdfast Bay's environmental work, having served on the Environmental Advisory Committee.

The key areas which help build a sustainable environment and that I will support as mayor are:

  • Climate Change Mitigation & Adaption
  • Coastal Management & Biodiversity
  • Reduce reliance on finite water resources
  • Waste Management

Changes in our climate, such as higher temperatures, declining rainfall, and rising sea levels require active management of risks.

While climate change requires a global solution, positive grass root actions are required. I studied Atmospheric Physics as part of my Science Degree, and work to base decisions on scientific fact provided by respected institutions, such as the CSIRO.

The CSIRO recommends adaption measures which Holdfast Bay can assist with such as preparation of the health system to deal with heat stress, greening our city with a Street Tree Program, sea walls to buffer infrastructure against inundation and changing building codes.

We have also invested heavily into reducing greenhouse gas emissions by putting solar panels on key buildings which significantly offset council's electricity consumption.

Council has partnered with neighbouring councils to produce "Resilient South", a 30 year plan to make sure our businesses, communities, and environments can tackle the challenges of climate change. I have worked actively in planning workshops to feed into this and wish to see this developed.

Being a seaside council, coastal management needs to be a primary focus.

This can be achieved by investing in re-vegetation of dunes, sand management plans and the sand pumping diverting storm water run-off.

Water management will be focussed on minimising storm water and marine pollution and conserving water used on council facilities.

Council should work towards water proofing our reserves. The recycled water pipeline at present extends as far as Broadway, Glenelg South. I support the planned rollout of this network to water proof our reserves further south and inland.

I will work to ensure all open space should implement principles of water sensitive urban design.

Council has been active in implementing strategies that to seek to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Key actions include waste avoidance, reduction, recycling and re-use.

Waste Management & Services represent a cost to council of over $3.5 million per year. I have successfully supported strategies such as the "Food to Greens" program which seeks to divert waste from costly landfill and have both an environmental and economic benefit.